Monday, August 10, 2009

Steamboat Springs

We went on a family vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado the last week of July. We had never been there before, but we wanted to try it out since it was close enough to drive to (6 hrs) and looked pretty fun.

Anyway, we had lots of fun and the resort we stayed in was very nice (Thanks, Mom & Dad). The kids liked being able to watch TV as they fell asleep on the sofa bed. They also really like swimming in the resort pool and the "Hot Pool" which we did every day. Here's also some pictures of the drive.

Here is some other activities that we did in Steamboat Springs:

We went on an Alpine Slide, similar to the one in Park City. The kids liked it, but because we had 3 kids and 2 adults, we were only able to go 1 adult and 1 child at a time, so it took a very long time. We had lots of fun, though.

We went miniature golfing, played tennis, hiked to Fish Creek Falls, then went to the bottom of the falls and let the kids play in the water. One night, we went for a drive on a mountain road. It was a beautiful drive. A few of the things that we saw are in the picture below.

We rented some bikes and went for a bike ride one day. There is a very nice bike trail right along the Yampa River. We rode up and down that, stopping at one end for a little snack and to allow the kids to play in the park. Nathan ended up falling asleep on the way back.

Along the bike trail, there is a botanic park. We stopped there and walked through it and took some pictures.

Friday night, we went to a rodeo. It was really cool, and the kids enjoyed it. After the women's barrel racing, they had some young girls come out and do it as well. There was a 6-year old that was riding a huge white horse with blinders on. You can see it in the picture below. That was very funny to see those little girls riding such big horses. In the middle of the rodeo, they had the children in the crowd who wanted to come down and chase a calf with a ribbon on its tail. Aaron decided to go down and try it out. He was competing against 12-year olds, so he didn't really have much of a chance, but he still had fun running around out there.

One funny thing we saw was on the road. They are doing some construction on US-40, so they had painted some temporary lines. Notice how crooked and wavy they are. It was funny to follow these lines along the road.

It was a very fun vacation, and we sure did enjoy spending time with each other. I would highly recommend Steamboat Springs as a good vacation spot. There's plenty to do (lots of which we didn't have time to do, or couldn't because of our children's ages). The drive wasn't too bad (about the same as to Yellowstone Park for us), and we'll probably go back some day.

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