Monday, August 10, 2009

Bountiful Triathlon

Well, Stacey and I had made a goal this year to do a triathlon together. Stacey hadn't done one before, so we found a smaller one and decided to do it. Last Saturday, we did the Bountiful Triathlon at the South Davis Recreation Center. The distances were Run: 3.25 Miles, Bike: 10 Miles, Swim: 350 Yards.

My training this year has not been nearly as good as last year. I think I lost some of my motivation. When we went to Steamboat Springs, neither of us exercised at all and we did not eat good at all either. Combine those two and it is difficult to be ready for a triathlon a week later. I decided that if I was going to do the triathlon, I better at least train hard the week before. So I went on a couple of runs and swims and a bike ride the week before.

The weather forecast for the race predicted rain. I was not excited at all about that. When we got there and were getting set up, it was raining pretty good. However, once the race started at 8:42, the rain had stopped and the weather was good from there on.

This triathlon had the run first, so that they could start everyone at the same time and not have to worry about separate waves in the pool. I have mixed feelings about that. Lately, my left knee has been hurting me when I run, so I was kind of glad to get that out of the way. But I think one of the reasons that the swim is first is because it requires the most preparation.

I started off the run fast, passing a lot of people. I think it is just my way of trying to get out of the crowd. I don't like the huge crowd at the start of races. However I think I started too fast and I could feel the effect of not running much recently as people were passing me quite a bit near the middle/end of the race. I was very glad to have the run over with.

The bike was what I was looking forward too. I started off quick, and sure felt good as I was able to pass a lot of the people who had passed me during the run. In fact, I figured out that I passed a total of 63 people while not getting passed by anyone (2 relay teams passed me, but I don't count those - they didn't have to run). The bike leg sure did seem to go by very quickly, though it took longer than the run.

I got back from the bike, ran to my transition area, tore off my shirt, shoes and socks and started running towards the swim. It wasn't until I got to the pool that I realized that I had forgotten my goggles. Crap! I decided that it would take longer to run back and get them than to just swim without, so I dove in. Their plan to spread people out using the run and bike only worked to some degree. There were still a lot of people in the pool and I kept bumping in to people and hitting people, probably more so because I couldn't see. Despite the fact that I was swimming without goggles, I was mostly pleased with the swim.

Here are my results:

Run (3.25 Miles) - 28:52
T1 - 1:11
Bike (10 Miles) - 29:40
T2 - 0:58
Swim (250 Yards) - 8:14

Total - 1:08:57

My goal was 1:10, so I came in under my goal. Overall, I was 95th out of 370. In my division (Clydesdale - Men over 200 lbs), I came in 5th out of 24. Looking at the times of the top 3, I was only about 3 minutes out of the top 3. Seeing that has given me motivation to improve. There is another small triathlon at the Rec Center on Labor Day, and I am going to train hard for this one, and I am determined to improve. Hopefully, if I improve enough, I can crack the top 3. Hopefully I don't train so hard that I lose enough weight to not qualify for the Clydesdale division! :)

The week before the triathlon, I had to do quite a bit of convincing to get Stacey to even compete. Due to Steamboat Springs, she did not feel ready. However, she did it and is glad she did. She was most nervous about the swim, and was nervous that she would come in last in the entire race. I assured her that she would not come in last and that she would be able to complete the swim, just to take it at her own pace, and if she needed to rest for a bit, do so.

Her results are as follows:

Run - 33:29
T1 - 1:42
Bike - 39:03
T2 - 2:23
Swim - 14:20

Total - 1:30:59

She ended up 298th out of 370 overall and 36th in her division of 49. She was pleased with her time as her goal was 1:40. However, she wishes that she had gone a little faster on the run or perhaps one of the transitions so that she could have gotten under 1:30. For her first one ever, I think she did a great job. Like I told her before the race, "For your first one, it doesn't matter how you place, but that you finish," which she did. I am very proud of her and hope that the triathlon bug hits her and she works towards doing another one.

All in all, it was a good race, and a great course with one exception. The road where the bikers left and returned had to be crossed by everyone coming out of the transition area running to the swim. I heard that there were quite a few close encounters and even a few crashes due to this. They should have planned that a little better and perhaps had the transition area located somewhere else.

My one complaint about the organization of the triathlon was the transition area. We got there at about 7:30, and asked how the tranisition area was organized (by number, by category). We were told that it was not organized at all, that you just grabbed a spot. Looking around, there was not a lot of empty spots, because people had taken up so much space. They should have done that better. Also, the transition area had very little security. Anyone could walk in and out as they pleased. Luckily, I didn't have anything stolen, but it could have been without much opposition.

I am motivated now to train even harder and work towards improving. I guess I just needed a little competition to wet my appetite.

Here are some of the pictures that we took (and my mom took) of the triathlon as well as our future triathlete!


Gords said...

Nice job guys. Keep training and get in on another one.

Tara and Orlando said...

Wow, great job you guys. Very impressed.