Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

I had a very good father's day. Stacey and the kids woke me up singing "Daddy's Homecoming" and carrying breakfast on a tray. Stacey had made a new french toast recipe along with sausage and eggs. It was very good.

Then they had me open my presents. Kaylee had found $0.96 in the car, so she put it in a little box and gave it to me. The next present I opened was the Big City Slider Station. Now, to completely understand how funny that was to me, you have to understand my children's TV viewing habits. Kaylee and Aaron love to watch Qubo, which is broadcast locally 24/7 on digital channel 16-2. They watch it a lot. It's not one of the big local stations, so they don't have a lot of commercials, so they run lots of mini infomercials. Kaylee has most of them memorized she has seen them so much. So when I open the present, she says to me, "Look, it's from Billy Mays!" I would never have remembered his name, but she knew it right off. As a side story, one time Kaylee came in to Stacey with a pad of paper. Listed on it were all the phone number for the various products advertised in the informecials. She said, "Here Mom, just in case you want to buy any of these, here are the phone numbers." We laughed for quite a while about that one. Anyway, I'm going to make some sliders tomorrow for dinner. We'll see how it goes.

Then, Stacey gave me her present. It was a big fleece blanket made out of BYU material. She had cut strips all the way around and tied knots in them. She said that Aaron helped make the entire thing. Kaylee tied one knot, didn't like doing it, so chose not to continue.

Both Kaylee and Aaron also gave me notes and cards that they had made for me expressing their love. I am very grateful for my family. I have the best wife and kids ever! They are very thoughtful and loving. It was the best father's day I've ever had.

We gave the same blanket to Stacey's dad and my dad (they both have chosen the good side and also cheer for BYU). Actually Stacey did it all because she didn't want me to know about the blanket. So I didn't know what I was getting my own dad for father's day until that morning.

Here's a collage of our father's day:


Bhatch said...

That Billy Mayes stuff is funny! My kids also are fans of his. Lilly saw that I had some oxy clean and asked if I knew Billy Mayes. Ethan is way into those infomercials too and is always convinced that we absolutely need those items.
I bet your gonna want to make a triple stack mini slider, huh?!
Glad to hear you had a great dad's day.
P.S. Finally--a new post! Took you long enough!

Marla B said...

Not a fan of the blankets-but oh well.... Info-mercials-Ashley wants me to call EVERY number that comes up on TV for EVERY thing. I saw bed bath & beyond had a few "as seen on TV" items-like the snugli blanket thing- I am thinking birthday present for my daughter. Good things 6-7 year olds DON'T have credit cards!!