Friday, January 23, 2009

Aaron's Sentences

About 2 weeks ago, Aaron's kindergarten teacher sent home a note that said that he was having a hard time keeping his hands to himself. This frustrated me, as we have had similar problems with him in Primary. We have talked to him, and he should know better, but somehow, the urge gets the better of him. Anyway, the note from school somehow reminded me of a time I got in trouble in 5th grade and my punishment from the teacher was to write 500 times the sentence "I will not shoot spitwads in Mr. Aswad's class." My parents decided to add on to the end of it "or anywhere else." I have to qualify this by saying that I was normally not a bad kid in school, but we had a substitute, and a bunch of other kids were doing it, and I succombed to peer pressure. :(

Anyway, I decided that I would try a similar punishment with Aaron. I had him write 20 times the sentence "I will keep my hands to myself." He wrote them and returned the paper along with the note signed by us to his teacher. Since then, we have had him write a few other things. When he doesn't listen and obey, we have him write "I will listen to and obey my mom and dad." He's had to do that a few times. I spoke with his Primary teacher after church and she mentioned that she needed to take him out during class to talk to him about keeping his hands to himself. So after church, he came home and wrote 30 times the sentence mentioned above.

I hope it is an effective punishment. I don't want a punishment that he is willing to take, because it won't make him learn. Writing sentences is something that he definitely doesn't like doing, and sometimes we have to just put him in his room with no distractions and let him write. I guess only time will tell whether it curbs his habit of playing and bothering other kids.


Shaun&jennifer said...

My older two have problems with back talking. I have had a tough time punishing them, mostly on what was age appropriate....a friend told me she puts mustard in their mouths, guess its better than tabasco, but I guess I'm a soffty and can't do it


Tara and Orlando said...

Good idea. I'll have to keep that suggestion under my hat for a few years down the road.