Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nathan turns One!

Last Friday, we celebrated Nathan's first birthday. We had Elayna & Richard, ElRay & Christy, and John & Ashley over for cake & ice cream and presents. Stacey had made his birthday cake and then made a smaller cake just for Nathan, of course. Nathan was so funny with his cake. He was very methodical. He didn't dive right in with big handfuls, he took small pinches of frosting at first, then started going at the cake. It took him about 30 minutes, but he eventually cleaned up his plate (well, as much as a 1-year old can clean the plate). He like it so much, he then picked up the plate and started licking it. It was hilarious watching him and how much he enjoyed the cake.

Here's a video showing the evolution of the first birthday cake eating:

Download video

As you can imagine, the cleanup was quite fun. I ended up taking his high chair completely apart and washing every piece of it, then putting it back together.

What a cute kid!


Gords said...

Bruce Bogtrotter!

Eric said...

That is exactly what it reminded me of.

Bhatch said...

THAT IS SO FUNNY! My kids never have eaten their 1st b-day cake like that, unfortunately. They aren't hungry after dinner, I guess. Nathan kept looking at you all, thinking, "Why are you all laughing and staring at me? Afterall, you DID give ME this cake!"
That is so funny you mentioned Bruce Bogtrotter! Just a few days ago we watched that--and it was the first time my kids and Brendon had seen it. A week ago I would have not been able to recall who Bruce Bogtrotter was. That scene in Matilda really induces involuntary gag reflexes in me, ew!
Happy Birthday, Nathan!
Aunt DD

Tara and Orlando said...

LOL! So cute! Happy 1st Birthday Nathan

Cara said...

That was hilarious! Our little Daniel was watching and whining towards the computer wondering why Nathan wouldn't share that delicious cake.

Wow, Nathan sure has some good curls in his hair!

timmielyn said...

What a cute kid! He has the cutest face and curls. I love the licking of the plate. I can't believe he ate the whole thing! Must've been good cake, mom. Timmie

Justin said...

That is a great video. I can't believe he ate that much cake! What a stud!