Thursday, August 7, 2008


This week, I have put my body to a big test. Tuesday night I went and played racquetball at the SDRC (South Davis Rec Center). Justin showed up a little late, so I ended up playing another guy that was there looking for a game to play. Those were some fun games. The first one, I was up 12-4, but couldn't hold on, and he came back for the win. The second game, I was able to pull it off 15-10. The third game, we only played to 11, and he beat me 11-8. He was the best player that I have played in a while, he really made me run and tested my shots. He also had a VERY good drop shot that would just bounce twice before I could get to it. Once, while going for a ball, I dove and landed on my knee. That hurt quite a bit, but what makes me so upset about it is that I didn't get the point. I had quite the goose egg on my knee from it.

Then yesterday after work, I went for a 35 minute run. I was able to get 4 miles in, but I hadn't had a good run in a couple of weeks, so it was hard. Also, the heat was pretty strong, so that was a factor.

This morning, I then went and played racquetball again at the SDRC. I played 3 singles games against Dan, 1 doubles with Dad against Dan and Gordon, then a cutthroat against Gordon and Dan. During the doubles game, I dove for another ball, and somehow my racquet hit my knee. It started bleeding, but I kept playing anyway.

Very fun week, but my body is complaining about it now. As I walk around work, I feel like an old man gimping around, like I need a walker or something.

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