Saturday, August 30, 2008

Practice Duathlon

This morning, I decided that I would practice both the bike and the run portion of the triathlon. So I mapped out the bike here:

And the run here:

I did it just like I will in the triathlon, even timing myself in the "transition". My time on the bike was 45:57, which is a 20.33 MPH average. My transition time was 1:30. I was able to get the run done in 34:44, which is 8:37 min/mile average. That puts the total time for this practice duathlon at 1:22:11.

I am very pleased with the bike, but I was hoping to do the run a little faster. I guess that's what happens when I run right after biking...just don't have the energy I normally do. The first 1/2 mile of the run, my legs were very sore, but then they loosened up from the bike and weren't too bad. I hit halfway of the run at 17:45, so I was able to cut some time off on the return route.

Now I just have to add the swim leg to this and I've got it made. The problem is that the swim leg is going to be my biggest challenge. This definitely gave me more confidence, though. My goal on the triathlon is to get under 1:50 total time, which I think is doable.

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Marla B said...

Brutal to run in the neighborhood! BORING! For a good workout-run up 1500 S. Uphill heading east, downhill west. better scenery, more road traffic, but good workout. Good luck! I can chase you on a run, you run faster than me! go eric!