Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kid Wash

I saw something pretty cool on the web last week: a kid wash. You might ask yourself what that is. Well, here it is:

I found the instructions to build it here. It didn't look very hard to make, so I decided to do it. I went over to Lowes and bought all of the parts and put it together. It took me about an hour, which included another trip to Lowes to make a minor modification. It's just some PVC pipe put together with some misters attached to it.

It turned out really cool, and the kids loved it. It's actually quite nice because the kids can run through and have lots of fun, and even if you don't want to get really wet, you can run through it, and because it's a mist, it doesn't get you that wet.

The modification that I made was at the base of the Kid Wash. The instructions say to use a normal T piece to attach it to the base. However, I decided to use a threaded T to attach the top part to the two "feet" so that I could remove them for easier storage. I am very glad I did, because it detaches and becomes very compact.

Even Nathan liked it as you can see in this video:

Download Video

We thought it was so nice that we decided to put some misters around our deck in the backyard. So yesterday, I went and bought some 1/2" black poly tubing and put it up. I don't have any pictures, but it works very nicely and adds a nice touch to the backyard. Now we just need to have someone over to help enjoy it!

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