Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cabin Trip

We just returned a few days ago from our annual trip to the cabin.

We sure do have lots of fun up there with Stacey's family. Here are some pictures of a few of the activities that we do up there. The kids love to hang out with their cousins.

Aaron's favorite is riding the ATVs.

There are two tire swings that keep the kids busy.

And what would Aaron do if he couldn't hit things with sticks?

We took a day trip to Flaming Gorge, which the kids loved.

Kaylee really liked being primped by cousins and friends.

Stacey does a fabulous job of taking crafts for the kids to make and enjoy.

The women do each others hair. Stacey didn't last too long in this style before she had to take it out - it was hurting her head.

Aunt Sandi brought up a pinata full of candy. The kids scored big time on that one.

The kids also love night time stories from Grandpa.

And everyone loved holding Nathan, and Nathan loved all the attention.

One of the most exciting events happened not one, but two mornings. Up there, it is now bear treeing season, and we were able to go with the hunters up to a treed bear. I got plenty of pictures, but I'll make another blog entry with the details of that.

I have more pictures of the vacation at the cabin here. Enjoy!

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