Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aaron's Preschool Graduation

Yesterday, we went to Aaron's Preschool graduation from Jump Start Preschool. It was originally scheduled for last week, but the wind and rain forced them to postpone it for this week. They sang the songs that they had learned throughout the year and each child came up to talk about one thing that they had done. Aaron's speaking part was about when they learned about transportation and went to the aerospace museum. He had been working on that part with us for weeks, and he had it memorized very well. We had to work with him and saying it slowly and clearly, though, so it could be understood, but the video may show that we didn't quite succeed. During the entire ceremony, Stacey and I were trying to get Aaron to give us a thumbs up. He finally gave us one in the last few minutes of the program. Here are a few pictures/video from the graduation ceremony.

Download Video

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