Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kaylee can ride a bike!

A couple of weeks ago, we were playing outside. I asked Kaylee if she wanted to try riding her bike without her training wheels. We had tried a couple of times last year. However, we were not very successful. She was still very timid and just wasn't ready yet. This year, though, she just took off. I helped her one time by holding on to her a little. After that, though, she just took off and was nearly fearless. She has gotten even better now, and it is so funny to watch her, she just laughs and giggles as she rides. Here is a little clip of her riding (Sorry for the shaky video - Stacey was holding Nathan and having a hard time stabilizing the camcorder).

We tried taking Aaron's training wheels off, but he was just not ready. He did not like being so tipsy. We have put his back on and will try again later. I did raise them, though, so his bike will tip a little bit. Hopefully, he'll get used to balancing his bike on his own.


Emilie said...

Way to go Kaylee!!!! She looks awesome!

I did notice that the date on the video says "March, 22,2007" did you mean 2008?

~Emilie D.

Eric said...

Oops! Yes, that should say 2008.

Tara said...

Great job Kaylee! The girls were so excited to see your kids. Even though we only got a glipse of Aaron, Avri was very excited that he made the video too. We miss you!!

Eric said...

Date has been fixed.

Tara and Orlando said...

Way to go Kaylee! I love seeing updates on your blog since I'm not so good at keeping in touch. But I do miss you guys and hope to meet your kids in person some day. Then you can meet my husband and son, Dallin, too! Some day. If you ever want to come to Seattle, you are always welcome to stay with us.
- Tara Montoya