Sunday, April 13, 2008

Balanced Man Triathlon

I competed in my first ever triathlon yesterday in the Balanced Man Triathlon. To be perfectly honest, I was a little disappointed at first with the event organization. However, they managed to pull off a decent event.

I was hoping to get about 10 minutes on the swim as my best time previously was 10:40. As I got out of the pool, I looked down at my watch and saw my time was 9:00! Sweet!

The bike leg started off pretty well. Slight uphill, but not too bad. Then came a very fast descend. I looked at my trip computer after the race and saw that my max speed was 36.5 mph! However, we then had to climb back up to the USU campus. I really struggled with that portion but finally got to the bike -> run transition stage.

The run started off OK, but then we had to climb the same hill that we did on the bike (the first one). That one kicked my butt as I was already so tired. I was never able to really regain my speed after that.

I finished with a total time of 56:29 (by my watch, not official). So here is the approximate breakdown of each stage:

Swim (400 yards) - 9:00
Transition - 3:30
Bike (10K) - 25:45
Transistion - 0:15
Run (2.5K) - 18:00

I am happy with the swim, but disappointed with the bike and run. Oh well, it was a very good learning experience and got me motivated and excited for the triathlon in September.


Tara and Orlando said...

Good job Eric! Quite the accomplishment if you ask me!!

Gords said...

Those hills were tough huh? You sure finished strong on the final stretch on the run. Keep training hard, and you'll be very happy with the improvement. Look how far you've come with the swimming!