Monday, April 21, 2008


Last week, I was gone for most of the week at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. I left Sunday morning at about 10:00. As I was getting ready to leave, Kaylee came up to me and just out of the blue gave me a hug. I could tell the goodbye was going to be hard on her, and sure enough, it was. Shortly after I left, I realized that I had forgotten my ID card, so I turned around to get it. When I got back home and ran in to get it, Kaylee was just sobbing. That was hard for me to leave her when she was so sad. She would just cry, "Daddy, I don't want you to go." Well, she was able to calm down and she handled it just fine.

Earlier that morning, I pulled Aaron aside and told him that since I was leaving, he had to be the man of the house, which meant that he needed to help Mom as much as possible. He was so cute with his courageous reply, "OK, Dad, I'll be the man of the house." He even went out and said to Stacey, "Mom, I'm the man of the house now, so I'll help you really good." What a stud!

The NAB show itself was very cool. It is very similar to the Scout-o-rama in Salt Lake every year, just about 10 times larger. They have products for every aspect of video that you can think of - TV broadcasters, film makers, radio, etc. We looked at lots of very cool equipment. One thing that was very nice about NAB is the ability to look at competing equipment and being able to compare and contrast it all within the same day. It was a very productive 4 days and I learned quite a bit.

I have to say that Las Vegas is a city that I could never live in. By the end of the week, I was so tired of seeing pictures of half-naked women on buildings, on cars, on billboards, on pamphlets, even on my hotel room key! I hear that once you get away from downtown, Las Vegas has much less of that, but I didn't see it.

Every night, I would call home and talk to Stacey and the kids. One night, the conversation with Aaron was very funny:

Aaron: "How was your day?"
Me: "Good, I talked to a lot of people today."
Aaron: "Did you talk to them about the gospel?"
Me: "No, I didn't, buddy."
Aaron: "How 'bout you do?"

I could not stop laughing after that comment. I love his perspective on things. It was a good trip, but I am very glad to be home and be with my family again.

Here are a few pictures I took at NAB:

Sony monitor wall powered by Miranda KX:

Panasonic 103" Plasma TV: Amazing!

The last night there, we went to the Bellagio Hotel's water show. Here's a sample:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Balanced Man Triathlon

I competed in my first ever triathlon yesterday in the Balanced Man Triathlon. To be perfectly honest, I was a little disappointed at first with the event organization. However, they managed to pull off a decent event.

I was hoping to get about 10 minutes on the swim as my best time previously was 10:40. As I got out of the pool, I looked down at my watch and saw my time was 9:00! Sweet!

The bike leg started off pretty well. Slight uphill, but not too bad. Then came a very fast descend. I looked at my trip computer after the race and saw that my max speed was 36.5 mph! However, we then had to climb back up to the USU campus. I really struggled with that portion but finally got to the bike -> run transition stage.

The run started off OK, but then we had to climb the same hill that we did on the bike (the first one). That one kicked my butt as I was already so tired. I was never able to really regain my speed after that.

I finished with a total time of 56:29 (by my watch, not official). So here is the approximate breakdown of each stage:

Swim (400 yards) - 9:00
Transition - 3:30
Bike (10K) - 25:45
Transistion - 0:15
Run (2.5K) - 18:00

I am happy with the swim, but disappointed with the bike and run. Oh well, it was a very good learning experience and got me motivated and excited for the triathlon in September.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kaylee can ride a bike!

A couple of weeks ago, we were playing outside. I asked Kaylee if she wanted to try riding her bike without her training wheels. We had tried a couple of times last year. However, we were not very successful. She was still very timid and just wasn't ready yet. This year, though, she just took off. I helped her one time by holding on to her a little. After that, though, she just took off and was nearly fearless. She has gotten even better now, and it is so funny to watch her, she just laughs and giggles as she rides. Here is a little clip of her riding (Sorry for the shaky video - Stacey was holding Nathan and having a hard time stabilizing the camcorder).

We tried taking Aaron's training wheels off, but he was just not ready. He did not like being so tipsy. We have put his back on and will try again later. I did raise them, though, so his bike will tip a little bit. Hopefully, he'll get used to balancing his bike on his own.