Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BYU Game

Well, I took Aaron and Nathan over to my parent's house for the BYU-Utah game. We were all dressed up in our BYU gear. We were set to cheer on the cougars to another win.

I have to say, the game was very interesting, not at all what I expected. Both teams were very strong defensively. At half, the only score was a BYU field goal. However, BYU started rolling in the second half and made a couple of very nice drives. But then those drives stalled when they got into the blue zone and BYU had to settle for field goals.

Anyway, I was getting frustrated with BYU's defense in the 4th quarter when they allowed Utah to drive over 60 yards and get a touchdown to lead the game 10-9.

Then the worst happened, BYU was stopped on 3 plays, and they were facing a 4th and 18 yards to go with a little over a minute left in the game. Somehow, Max Hall was able to find a WIDE OPEN Austin Collie for a 49-yard gain. It was awesome. Anyway, as you all know, BYU was able to keep the drive going and punched in an 11-yard run by Harvey Unga to take the lead for good. It was awesome. Aaron, Nathan and I celebrated the second straight victory over the Utes.

Anyway, for the last year, this has been my ringtone. But in honor of this awesome victory, I am thinking of changing it to either this one or this one.

Tell me what you think!

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