Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pocatello Trip

This last weekend, Stacey, the kids, and I went up to Pocatello to see Grandma & Grandpa Richins and everyone else up there. We left Friday afternoon, and got up there at about 5:30. The plan was to be there so that we could make dinner for Grandma & Grandpa so that they could rest. It is so funny because I don't think Grandma knows how to sit and relax while other people are working, because she was there helping and we could not get her to sit down. Anyway, we stayed up quite late talking to Grandma, it was very fun.

Saturday, again, the plan was to make breakfast without Grandma's help, but before we were even upstairs, she called down, "Does anyone want breakfast sandwiches." Again, we helped, but were unable to get her out of the kitchen.

It was a very fun visit. I want to try and get up there more often. When we first got there, Kaylee and Aaron were quite shy around Grandma & Grandpa. However, by the end of the visit, they would just sit and Grandma's feet and were so attentive to every word out of her mouth. It was so fun to watch. Grandma is very good with the kids. Here is a short clip of her having fun with them. Grandma is a very good teacher. Aaron came home knowing how and loving to write the numbers 8 and 5. He knew them by sight, but didn't know how to write them. This morning, he woke up and the first thing he wanted to do was practice writing his 8's and 5's. I want the kids to have as many moments like this as possible.

Grandpa was so kind and loving to the kids. He was not able to do a whole lot with them, but I could tell how much he loves them just by the way that he spoke to them. It was so nice to see Grandpa and visit with him. He still has his sense of humor, as he was making smart comments and jokes during conversations.

We also dressed Kaylee, Aaron, and Nathan in their Halloween costumes and took them to Joann and Becky's houses. It was fun to see our relatives up in Pocatello, as we don't see them as much as we probably should. And for all the Pocatello relatives now reading this blog, welcome!

Whitear Halloween Party

Last Thursday, we went to Stacey's family Halloween Party. They have been doing this party every year for 24 years. Stacey's Grandma Whitear goes all out for this party. First we eat dinner, which is always a big thing. She always makes her cauldron of homemade root beer. She makes a cake for every grandchild and great-grandchild. They have a cake walk to give them out. The kids go "fishing" and get all sorts of treats and Halloween toys and clothes. She does a scavenger hunt, and one of the children's favorites, "Spooky Sam." In this, she gets all sorts of things that feel like body parts, and pass them around for the kids to feel with their eyes closed. For example, for eyeballs, she peels grapes and passes them around. She passes around all sorts of body parts, like the heart, toes, intestines, etc. I am always amazed at the effort that she puts into it. This year was the first year that things were toned down a little...there was no scavenger hunt and no "Spooky Sam." It was very fun, and Kaylee, Aaron, and Nathan loved it.

Kaylee dressed up as a princess, and Nathan was the fierce dragon!

Aaron was the knight in shining armor to protect us all!

Stacey and I were the King and Queen. Don't laugh, Kaylee designed the crowns.

By the time we were home, all 3 kids were so worn out that they just crashed.

Christy had given me about 120 photos of the Halloween parties over the years, and I put them to music and made a slide show along with some video of the past few years. It was fun making it and everyone sure did enjoy seeing the old photos and videos.

Nathan's Blessing

Two weeks ago, on the 14th, we blessed Nathan. I wanted to post a few pictures from that morning. It was a great day, Nathan was very cute in his blessing outfit. During the blessing, he was very content. I am always nervous that my children will be screaming during the whole blessing.

That morning, before church, we had family over for a light breakfast. Thanks to all who brought doughnuts or muffins or juice to help out.