Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I've Been Simpsonized

I heard a commercial on the radio a few days ago about a contest they are doing where the grand prize is to have yourself Simpsonized and you will be on an episode of The Simpsons. Then, Gordon had a blog entry where he Simpsonized himself and Cathi. It looked like fun, so I decided to try it. Here is the picture that I used:

I Simpsonized myself twice, making minor changes. Here are the results:

Then I did it with Stacey. Here is the picture that I used:

And here is the result:

Kind of funny.


Gords said...

Did you get the idea from my blog or do we have ESP?

Gords said...

Oops, Sorry I did read that you followed the link on my blog. Yours looks like you, but Stacy's I wouldn't say does.

Eric said...

I didn't have a very good up close picture of Stacey here at work, so I think that is why. I'll try to get a better picture and try again.

Eric said...

I have changed Stacey's picture and Simpsonized picture. Hopefully, it likens here a little more.