Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Aaron's Scripture Reading

07/03/07: We read the Book of Mormon every night with the kids before they go to bed. We are mainly trying to get them used to the language used in the scriptures. Stacey and I read a column, then have each child read one verse with our help.

A few days ago, Aaron was trying to say the word "Zarahemla" and he said, "Zarablenda." It made us chuckle. He also was so excited when we were reading about Alma and the sons of Mosiah, especially when he heard that he was in the scriptures!

07/16/07 Update: Last night, Aaron said some pretty good ones, that I just had to put in here. We were reading Alma 5:54. Instead of saying "having been sanctified by the Holy Spirit" he said "being terrified of the Holy Spirit." I started laughing, and he got pretty upset with me. We kept going, and then instead of "which are meet for repentance" he said "which are meat from the parents." It was hilarious, Stacey and I were both laughing pretty hard at this point. He is a funny kid. He just says what he thinks he heard.

Later that night, he came out of bed and came to Stacey and I and asked, "Mom, can I go tell Kaylee that I love she?" It made me laugh. We said, "Yes, go tell Kaylee that you love she!"

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