Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Plug-in Hybrids

I found this blog entry today about plug-in hybrid cars. It seems pretty cool. Essentially, it runs on electricity primarily with a gasoline (or biofuels) backup. The first 30 miles of the day are run on electricity only. If that truly is the case, I could make it to work and back without ever having to use any gas. That would be pretty cool. The gas mileage you actually get would depend entirely on how far your trips are, but it sounds like the worst case scenario would be equal to a normal hybrid car...not too bad.

I sure hope this kind of technology would be implemented quicker. With gas prices going so high, we need alternatives, and we need them quickly!


DD said...

You should rent and watch "Who Killed the Electric Car?" (2006). I thought it was very interesting on government and big business agendas....very crooked, I think.

Gords said...

This is my number one topic clincher for US presidency. Gay Marriage, abortion, Iraq? Nope - I want some responsible leadership in energy and technology and making it a reality. I'm so bugged with American SUV and Truck drivers. If people would quit commuting in those gas hogs, then the demand for that kind of technology would increase, so I can't blame President Bush completely, although I'd like to cause he such a doof.