Friday, May 4, 2007

Master Aaron, the Jedi Knight

The other night, Aaron came into our room very early in the morning crying. Stacey asked him what was wrong and he said, crying still, "I can't find my light saber." Stacey chuckled and asked, "what light saber?" He answered, "my light saber." Stacey sadly informed him that he did not have a light saber and that he should return to bed. I had to chuckle with a little bit of fatherly pride that my son even dreams about Star Wars and fighting the "bad guys" with his light saber.

Speaking of bad guys, yesterday, I was watching the Utah Jazz/Houston Rockets game 6. Aaron asked who was playing, and I told him. Midway through the 4th quarter, one of the Jazz players stole a bad pass. Aaron asked me, "Daddy, why did the bad guys throw the ball to the good guys?" It made me laugh that he 1)Knows who the bad guys were, and 2)Pays enough attention to the game to recognize a turnover. Nothing amazing, but it made me laugh.

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