Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kaylee's Preschool Graduation

It's official - Kaylee is now a graduate of preschool! Yesterday, I left work for a few hours to go to Kaylee's preschool graduation. Kaylee was so happy as they did their little program. They told about some of the things that they did, sang songs that they had learned, and had a short procession. Miss Sandi and Miss Kisha had made a binder for each child that was essentially a scrapbook of the year's activities. It was very well done.

Another coincidence that occurred was that as I was standing there waiting for it to start, I was looking around and saw Sam Adams. I graduated with him from West High back in 1995. I started talking to him, and it turns out he lives just up the street from Rlynn and Sandi. His son was there as well. Next year, Aaron and his son, Nathan, will be in the same preschool class with Sandi and Kisha. It was fun to talk to him.

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