Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stacey and I are related

I remember a while back, Gordon mentioned that Mom & Dad are related. More specifically, they are 7th cousins, 1 time removed. Well, I was doing some research yesterday on Stacey's Great Great Grandfather. I found that his daughter Hazel Whitear married Roy A. Richins. That peaked my curiosity and I downloaded a GEDCOM file that I found. It turns out that we are not blood related, but are related through marriage. Stacey's Grand Great Aunt Hazel Whitear married my 2nd cousin, 2 times removed, Roy A Richins. Kind of funny.

I found this as I have been doing some research lately into some of my ancestors. This summer, Stacey and I will be going on Trek. We are very excited. They want everyone that is going to choose a pioneer person to go as. Stacey already found her ancestor, Elizabeth Whitear Sermon that was on the Martin Handcart Company.

I haven't found anyone that was in the Willie or Martin handcart companies, but I have found a few pioneers. One was John Waters. He came in the Wheelock Company in 1853 driving a wagon for another man. His wife-to-be, Sarah Birch, was also in that company. She traveled with a handcart. Another cool one that I found was Charles Clark Burr. Though he didn't get to Utah on the same trail, he was a pioneer. He was one of the 230 Mormon pioneers that sailed on the SS Brooklyn in 1846. His wife, Sarah Sloat, who wasn't a member at the time, went with him along with his 15-month old son, Charles Elias Washington Burr. They had a baby boy born just 3 weeks after they left. They appropriately named him John Atlantic Burr. Just 3 weeks later, their first son, Charles died and they buried him at sea. It is a very interesting read.

Another one that I found was Francis Romeril. He traveled with his wife, Mary Billot and 4 of his children. They came across the plains as part of the Harper Company in 1855.

I have really enjoyed reading the histories of these pioneers. I know that it will make my experience on the Trek that much more meaningful to me. Many times when I hear about stories about the pioneers, I feel so detached from it all because it happened so long ago to people that I don't really know. However, after reading these histories, I feel much closer to these wonderful people who made such a dangerous trek.

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