Monday, April 2, 2007

General Conference

Well, this last weekend was General Conference for the LDS Church, of which I am proudly a member. I especially enjoyed the Priesthood session.

Last week, there was a group that was trying to "help save the Mormons out of pure love." It frustrated me that such propaganda would be distributed under the guise of love. It was pure hatred for Joseph Smith and everything the LDS church teaches. It seemed to me that some people were offended by a member of the church, and have made a goal since then to tear down the church any way they can. There is a website that goes through each point of the DVD and provides a rebuttal.

Anyway, back to General Conference. I have to say that this weekend of General Conference was one of my favorite ever. Perhaps it was because of that Anti-Mormon DVD that made me listen even closer, that helped me feel the spirit even stronger. During the Priesthood session, all 3 members of the First Presidency spoke, and I felt the spirit so strongly testify to me that they are prophets of God. I was even more determined to fulfill my priesthood responsibilities, to do my home teaching, to love my wife and children, and to keep myself worthy of spiritual guidance. One recurring theme that I picked up on was that of obedience. If I want to be worthy, I must obey completely...I cannot pick and choose what I want to obey.

Overall, great weekend! Enjoyed spending the time with my wife and children, I sure do love them!

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Aaron S said...

The DVD/video is now available on YouTube and other formats.