Monday, April 9, 2007

Can my dog poop in your yard?

I don't remember anyone ever asking me that question. But somehow, I keep finding dog poop in our front yard. The only time Delilah goes in our front yard is when we go on walks, so I know it's not hers. I really hate it when people let their dog out in the front yard to go poop on neighbor's lawn. It is no wonder that our local park has banned dogs completely. I mowed the lawn this weekend, and found a huge pile in our front yard. I feel like putting up a web cam to find out whose dog is it, then collect all the poop for a month or two and dump it on their lawn.

Even when we take Delilah on a walk, if she were to poop on someones lawn, we would pick it up. I can only request the same respect from other people.


Gords said...

This is why whenever I walk my dog, we walk on the road. They won't poop on the road (unless their totally desperate).

I know some neighbors who do that. They let their dog out and it immediately goes across the road and poops on the neighbors lawn. People who let that happen are the same people who unload their groceries in the parking lot and leave their cart right there for other people to deal with.

Brian said...

It is amazing how many pet owners don't pick up after their dog. This is a huge national problem that many people are not aware of. We sell more no dog pooping signs than actual dog signs. Pet owners should always remember, "If your dog poops, please scoop".