Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stacey on TV

Yesterday, Stacey was on TV! She went on Studio 5, a daytime show targeting stay-at-home moms. She went on to demonstrate the vinyl lettering that she does with Uppercase Living. Her segment was 5 minutes long, but it went by very quickly. She showed Jane Clayson how to use vinyl lettering to decorate your home, particularly a nursery, as Jane recently left the news business to become a mother. Stacey did a very good job and it was exciting to see her on TV. She was very nervous about it, and honestly, so was I. I was standing just behind the cameras in the studio, and when they announced the 15 second mark till airtime, my heart started pounding for her. I will try to get the video and post it, but you can also see the web page about it here.

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Gords said...

Waiting for post of video. That sounds cool.