Friday, March 16, 2007


Well, last night I watched BYU play Xavier in the first round of the
NCAA tournament. BYU hasn't had the best of luck in the NCAA tournament
for quite a while. I was hoping that they would finally be able to win a
game in the tourney. They had a good chance of winning that game, but it
seems that when they got a nice 8 point lead midway through the second
half, they went into "cruise control" mode and let Xavier back into the
game, going on a 13-0 run. That is horrible. Another complaint - how can
BYU be so bad at free throws? I don't feel that they have a single
player that is "clutch" at hitting the free throws. Every time they are
at the line, I'm concerned that they are going to miss the front end of
a 1-and-1. What really killed BYU was Xavier's guards. BYU's guards are
just not quick enough to guard them up top and when Xavier's guards got
around them, they either had a nice easy shot or a nice assist to a big
man. BYU really needs to get some quick guards that can play some good
defense, or learn how to help each other a little better.

Frustrating night as I thought BYU totally had a chance to win that
game. Now that they are out, I couldn't care less about the tournament.

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