Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Lately, I have been creating a lot more DVDs than I usually do, all for charity. Stacey volunteered my services for the Young Women's In Excellence night (I don't mind, really). I created a picture slide show put to music for it. It was only about 10-11 minutes long.

Then, Sandi (Stacey's Aunt) asked us to record a little program that their primary did for a Christmas program and put it on a DVD. It wasn't too bad either. This one was about 10 minutes long.

I enjoy doing the editing, I enjoy seeing the finished product. Now do understand that I am not ready at all to take over any editing positions at KSL, but I do think it's pretty good for someone with little experience. I have been looking around for some good video editing software. I have tried quite a few including a couple from Ulead, one from Pinnacle, and one from Avid. I wanted to try one from Roxio, but they don't offer a free demo for download. I found, however, that the easiest and most flexible to use was just the free Windows Movie Maker that comes with Windows.

I was also trying to find a good DVD Authoring program. Again, I tried quite a few, but the one that I found to work nicely was Nero Vision Express. I chose this one mainly because I already own the license for Nero and it seems to do almost everything that I want. I found that if I plan ahead and create the video in a specific way, it works quite nicely.

If anyone has some good software that they use or know of and think I ought to try it, by all means let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,
I was reading this post and was wondering if you would be willing to take another charity case. Can I come to your house sometime before the new year and you show me how to make a CD/DVD of photos corrdinated to music? I have always wanted to learn how to do this. AND the good thing is that you will be teaching one how to 'fish' rather than just giving them a fish....Also, DO you know how to edit and put home video on DVD? Let me know what, if anything, you would want in return for you taking some time to teach me these things....BTW I am a very fast learner!!
Thanks, your admirable sister,