Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Cruise coming up / John Engaged!

Well, only a few more days until the cruise! Stacey and I are both very excited. We have been prepping the kids as well as Stacey’s parents for this whole thing. For Family Home Evening last Monday we talked about obedience. During the lesson, I remembered a talk that I gave in primary when I was a young kid, so I told it to the kids. Here it is:

There was a boy named David. One day, he was playing downstairs when his mom called down, “David, will you come up here please?” David answered, “Yeah, just a minute.” He obeyed slowly. Later that day, he was playing outside after dinner. His mom called out, “David, will you come in and help me with the dishes?” David called back, “Yeah, just a minute.” He obeyed slowly. That night, he was watching TV and his mom asked him, “David, will you go put your pajamas on?” He answered, “Yeah, just a minute.” He obeyed slowly. The next day he was playing ball in the front yard while his mom was doing yard work. The ball went across the street and David ran across to get it. His mom saw a car coming and yelled, “David, get back here now!!” He obeyed slowly and the car hit him and he was in the hospital for a few days and broke his leg. David learned that he needed to obey his parents quickly.

Since then, I have been amazed at how quickly Kaylee and Aaron are obeying. Last night, for example, they helped me mow the lawn and pick up some weeds. After we got done, we went in and they both had a little bowl of ice cream after the hard work. After they were done, I asked them to go pick up the puzzles in their rooms. They quickly replied, “OK, Daddy.” After cleaning up the puzzles, I asked them to take off their clothes and put their pajamas on. Again, they happily replied, “OK, Daddy.” The whole night, I did not hear a single complaint. They are amazing kids! We also bought some Skittles and have a little jar full of “Obey Quickly” treats. When we feel they are obeying quickly, they get a Skittle. I hope they can continue being obedient for Grandma and Grandpa Schumann. We will be sure to let the Schumann’s know to remind them to obey quickly. They’ll be fine.

Also, last night, Stacey’s brother John asked his girlfriend Ashley to marry him, and she accepted. They called us at about 11:30 to give us the good news. They are planning on tying the knot in March, 2007. Congratulations John and Ashley, best of luck to you!

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