Saturday, September 23, 2006

BYU Game/Kids

Today I went to watch the BYU game at my parents house. Great game, even though I was a little disappointed with BYU's offense a little. But who knows how much of their struggle was because of the change of quarterback. Overall, fun game to watch.

I took the kids with me to watch the game while Stacey went to the General Women's Conference. It is amazing to me how well they play together. It is nice to be able to just let them play and not worry about them killing each other.

We came home and had some pizza and the kids watched a Barbie movie that I had rented for them.

In a few weeks we are going on the cruise with my family. We are so excited to go. While I was watching the BYU game, Elayna came over and told us that she had rolled her ankle and had a hairline fracture on her left foot. She'll have to wait until Monday to see if it needs a hard cast or a soft walking cast. Hopefully she can still do the excursions that she has planned!

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