Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Blogger

This is the first post on the new blogger. Hopefully, everything looks exactly the same as the old one, but it should be easier to post and customize things, etc. This post is more of a test than any actual useful information.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Concert

Last weekend, I went with Stacey and John and Ashley to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. It was so awesome! The guest singer this year was Sissel. She is an amazing singer. Last year, the guest singer was Renee Fleming. Renee was good, but I was not a huge fan. This year was so much better. I think my favorite song was called "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room". Stacey, John, and Ashley all enjoyed themselves also. It was a great night with great music.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Lately, I have been creating a lot more DVDs than I usually do, all for charity. Stacey volunteered my services for the Young Women's In Excellence night (I don't mind, really). I created a picture slide show put to music for it. It was only about 10-11 minutes long.

Then, Sandi (Stacey's Aunt) asked us to record a little program that their primary did for a Christmas program and put it on a DVD. It wasn't too bad either. This one was about 10 minutes long.

I enjoy doing the editing, I enjoy seeing the finished product. Now do understand that I am not ready at all to take over any editing positions at KSL, but I do think it's pretty good for someone with little experience. I have been looking around for some good video editing software. I have tried quite a few including a couple from Ulead, one from Pinnacle, and one from Avid. I wanted to try one from Roxio, but they don't offer a free demo for download. I found, however, that the easiest and most flexible to use was just the free Windows Movie Maker that comes with Windows.

I was also trying to find a good DVD Authoring program. Again, I tried quite a few, but the one that I found to work nicely was Nero Vision Express. I chose this one mainly because I already own the license for Nero and it seems to do almost everything that I want. I found that if I plan ahead and create the video in a specific way, it works quite nicely.

If anyone has some good software that they use or know of and think I ought to try it, by all means let me know.

Gaming...All Night

Last Friday, at about 10:30 or 11:00 PM, I decided that I wanted to do a little gaming. I recently found a new game called Company of Heroes. It is very similar to Starcraft, but is based around World War II. Anyway, I thought, "I'll just play for an hour or so." Well, after much longer than an hour, I realized that it was pretty late and I should probably go to bed. I thought it was about 3:00 or 3:30 AM. I closed the game and saw the clock...6:00 AM! I couldn't believe that I had been playing all night. I paid for it, big time. I was supposed to go play some basketball Saturday morning at 7:00 AM. I did not make that. To make matters worse, starting Monday, I work the next week on the early shift at work (4:30 AM - 1:00 PM). That means that I have to wake up at 3:45 AM. I totally should not have done that gaming thing all night.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Cruise!

Wow, what an awesome vacation!

Last week, we went on the Mexican Riviera Cruise on the Carnival Pride Ship. It was amazing. My awesome parents took all of their children except Cara and her husband, Josh, who were not able to make it. This had been in the works for over 2 years.

Anyway, we left October 8th and returned October 15th. We went to Puerto Vallarta first, then Mazatlan, then Cabo San Lucas. I will provide more details in a later post.

We took 138 pictures on the trip. I have put some of them up on my website at

Take a look and don't laugh at me too much, please.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

What a summer!

Well, now that summer is quickly drawing to a close, I decided to finally pull the pictures off of our camera. I have posted some of the pictures that we took on my website at They are listed on the left under "Summer 2006".

Some of the activities that are in the pictures are the following:

  • Davis County Fair
  • KSL Summer Party at Lagoon
  • Kaylee going to Preschool
  • Kayle and Aaron at Swimming Lessons with Elayna
  • The new Childrens Museum (now called Discovery Gateway)
  • Going on a hike in the mountains

We had an awesome summer, and we are ready for Fall and Winter!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Cruise coming up / John Engaged!

Well, only a few more days until the cruise! Stacey and I are both very excited. We have been prepping the kids as well as Stacey’s parents for this whole thing. For Family Home Evening last Monday we talked about obedience. During the lesson, I remembered a talk that I gave in primary when I was a young kid, so I told it to the kids. Here it is:

There was a boy named David. One day, he was playing downstairs when his mom called down, “David, will you come up here please?” David answered, “Yeah, just a minute.” He obeyed slowly. Later that day, he was playing outside after dinner. His mom called out, “David, will you come in and help me with the dishes?” David called back, “Yeah, just a minute.” He obeyed slowly. That night, he was watching TV and his mom asked him, “David, will you go put your pajamas on?” He answered, “Yeah, just a minute.” He obeyed slowly. The next day he was playing ball in the front yard while his mom was doing yard work. The ball went across the street and David ran across to get it. His mom saw a car coming and yelled, “David, get back here now!!” He obeyed slowly and the car hit him and he was in the hospital for a few days and broke his leg. David learned that he needed to obey his parents quickly.

Since then, I have been amazed at how quickly Kaylee and Aaron are obeying. Last night, for example, they helped me mow the lawn and pick up some weeds. After we got done, we went in and they both had a little bowl of ice cream after the hard work. After they were done, I asked them to go pick up the puzzles in their rooms. They quickly replied, “OK, Daddy.” After cleaning up the puzzles, I asked them to take off their clothes and put their pajamas on. Again, they happily replied, “OK, Daddy.” The whole night, I did not hear a single complaint. They are amazing kids! We also bought some Skittles and have a little jar full of “Obey Quickly” treats. When we feel they are obeying quickly, they get a Skittle. I hope they can continue being obedient for Grandma and Grandpa Schumann. We will be sure to let the Schumann’s know to remind them to obey quickly. They’ll be fine.

Also, last night, Stacey’s brother John asked his girlfriend Ashley to marry him, and she accepted. They called us at about 11:30 to give us the good news. They are planning on tying the knot in March, 2007. Congratulations John and Ashley, best of luck to you!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

BYU Game/Kids

Today I went to watch the BYU game at my parents house. Great game, even though I was a little disappointed with BYU's offense a little. But who knows how much of their struggle was because of the change of quarterback. Overall, fun game to watch.

I took the kids with me to watch the game while Stacey went to the General Women's Conference. It is amazing to me how well they play together. It is nice to be able to just let them play and not worry about them killing each other.

We came home and had some pizza and the kids watched a Barbie movie that I had rented for them.

In a few weeks we are going on the cruise with my family. We are so excited to go. While I was watching the BYU game, Elayna came over and told us that she had rolled her ankle and had a hairline fracture on her left foot. She'll have to wait until Monday to see if it needs a hard cast or a soft walking cast. Hopefully she can still do the excursions that she has planned!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Night with Aaron

Last night, Stacey went to play volleyball with the young women (she is the 1st counselor in the YW presidency). She took Kaylee with her, so it was just Aaron and me. It was so fun to have a night alone with my son. He did a fish puzzle about 7 or 8 times. He is so cute as he does the puzzle, because he just sings or hums happily. His favorite song to sing as he works on it is "Zip-a-dee-doo-da". What an awesome kid!

Last monday night, we were in our backyard playing some dodgeball and football. Aaron is pretty good at football. When Kaylee had the ball, she would run around the yard as fast as she could. Kaylee has much longer legs than little Aaron, so she runs much faster than him. However, Aaron would chase after her and tackle her quite well. I was impressed with his ability to "wrap up". I guess we have a future BYU linebacker on our hands, here!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gridley Changes

Well, we have had lots of fun recently. Back in the first part of June, we decided to put our condo up for sale and move into a real home. We were a little sluggish about it until our next door neighbors also put their home up for sale with a realtor. That's when we decided to take advantage of the exposure and put ours up for sale by owner. A week later, we had received 3 different offers and decided to accept one. It all happened much quicker than we had expected. We decided that we had better get out and look for a home. Stacey had heard that a friend of ours that used to be in our ward (it was split a while back) was interested in selling. She called her up and told her, "I want your house!" Just by talking to her on the phone, Stacey had fallen in love with the house. We went and looked at it, and long story short, we made an offer a few days later, and they accepted.

The next month was very crazy trying to work with both mortgage companies, trying to get all of the paperwork, appraisals, and inspections done by the deadlines, etc. We closed and moved in just last week. Needless to say, we are very glad that is over. The new house is only 1/2 mile away from our old one, so we didn't go very far. We did change wards, though, so we both got new callings. Stacey is the first counselor in the Young Women's presidency. I am a CTR 8 primary teacher. This Sunday is our first week in the new callings, so we'll see how it goes. Our new address is:
1504 West 1725 South
Woods Cross, UT 84087

We love our new home. We were really outgrowing our old home, so it's nice to have some growing room. The best part about moving is going through all of the "junk" and getting rid of what we don't really need.

Another bit of news: I also recently changed jobs at KSL. I moved from the IS dept. to the Engineering dept. The Chief Engineer for KSL wanted someone in the Engineering dept. that understood computers better, so I transferred over. It has been quite a ride so far. I have definitely been taken out of my comfort zone, but it is nice to be able to learn more on the audio and video side of things.

All in all, we are doing very well.